Black Bear Solar Institute

Black Bear Solar Institute is a unique non-profit founded in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee to demonstrate comprehensive Environmental Stewardship and Resilience through public demonstration projects incorporating renewable energy, alternatively-fueled transportation and wildlife rehabilitation. 


Revenue generated through sales of solar module partnerships and solar electricity funds projects which educate the public and improve our shared environment, with its wild and domestic inhabitants.


Projects can be anything with an educational or sustainability theme which benefit our corporate partners’ communities anywhere in the world. 


Our partners reap energy tax credits and deductions to offset the majority of their investment, while demonstrating their values in conspicuous, tangible ways which will stand for decades bearing their names.



Mission —


Black Bear Solar Institute brings Healthy Community projects to life, demonstrating through real-life examples how the One Health initiative connects Human, Environmental, and Animal health into a cohesive whole which benefits us all, while enhancing physical, mental and economic well-being.


Major Projects —


Creating eCO-Cove affordable housing for living wage workers in the Smoky Mountain region demonstrating solar microgrid power, energy efficiency and electric transportation.


Constructing the most sustainable wildlife rehabilitation facility ever built for all wildlife native to the Great Smoky Mountains region, from Bears to Bunnies.


Bringing Renewable Solar Energy to school campuses for their STEM and Environmental curriculum through our PV/EV@School program.  In addition to the educational value of having on-campus Solar PV installations, Electric Vehicle charging stations and EVs are provided to enable the next generation of drivers to experience Driver Education in a renewable-powered EV.


Establishing a Green Gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, bridging the gap between the Interstate Highways and major metropolitan areas of Tennessee to the National Park Gateway Community of Townsend, Tennessee with Electric Vehicle charging stations, enabling EV drivers to visit the National Park powered by clean, renewable solar-generated electricity.


Other projects focused on creating Healthy Communities and showing how the One Health initiative links Human, Environmental, and Animal health into

a cohesive whole which benefits us all are underway.

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Black Bear Solar Institute



2204 Battle Ground Drive

Pigeon Forge, TN



Visitor and Education Center:

161 Painted Trillium Way

Townsend, TN



Phone: 865-919-BBSI (2274)


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